Jewelry for Style and Heart

Jewelry is an important part of every outfit. Functionally, it is the glue that turns a basic outfit into a show-stopper. But jewelry can also make a statement about who we are, and can become a way to add that little personal touch to our everyday wardrobe. Just pairing a funky, chunky chain to your conservative work dress shows that while you are dress-code friendly, you are still a little wild at heart. Jewelry is also the only part of our outfit that can remind us of things near and dear to us. Jewelry is a popular gift item in part because every time it is worn it reminds the wearer of some special person or moment. And for some types of jewelry, its design is based not just on fashion, but sentiment and inspiration.

One piece of meaningful jewelry is the charm bracelet. Like wearing your heart on your sleeve, you can personalize a bracelet yourself with charms that reflect bits and pieces of who you are. Crazy about your pet? Add a little silver bone with your dog’s name engraved on the side. Add a birthstone charm on your birthday, or just show your school spirit with a charm of your school letters. Charms also make amazingly personal and heart-felt gifts. Watch your mom tear up (in a good way!) on Mother’s Day with a charm of a mother embracing her baby. Offered in many price ranges and materials, from affordable painted metal to heirloom-quality sterling silver, charm bracelets make a great accessory or gift for every woman.

Another sentimental jewelry favorite is a locket, a form of jewelry that has been used for hundreds of years. Traditionally a pendant which hangs from a chain around the neck, a locket is made to open and reveal something meaningful to the wearer, such as the photo or photos of loved ones. Though, especially much older lockets, might carry other items such as locks of hair, good luck charms, or even tightly folded letters or messages. Lockets come in many styles, from an old-fashioned Victorian style, to a pendant of glitzy pink rhinestones, or even something edgier like a skull and cross bones. Regardless of your style, lockets are a fashionable way to keep your loved ones close to your heart.

A favorite jewelry trend today is bracelets or necklaces inscribed with inspirational words or messages. A women’s fashion boutique is likely to carry something like a line of Sergio Lub bracelets with meaningful words like “Peace” or “Compassion” inscribed in multiple languages. You can find inspirational phrases such as, “Be the Change You Wish to See in Others,” in the Dillon Rogers designed bracelets. If you’d like something more personalized, metal bracelets or flat pendants can be inscribed with anything from names and dates, to longer quotes or phrases.

Fashion has always been a great way to express yourself. But jewelry in particular allows you the ability to not only reflect your style, but your heart.

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